Friday, December 3, 2010

Waiters That Flush

     I did talk B out for a walk the other night. Usually she LOVES night time walks, but she is just fatigued lately.
     When we walk, we like to talk about which houses we would like to live in.
     The other night I said, "What about this house? Would you like to live there?" pointing out a pink stucco covered house.
      "Yes. That kind of house comes with a waiter."
     "Yes, and with a waiter, you don't even need to flush the toilet."
     "You don't?"
     "Nope, the waiter flushes it for you," she made a flush motion with her hands.
     "Wow. I wish we had a waiter."
     "You need that kind of house. And they are expensive. You need $20,000!"
     "I see."
     We walked in silence for awhile, and then I said, "Are you sure you don't mean a butler?"
     "Oh yeah, " she laughed. "A butler."
     "Because I think a guy serving you a hamburger would be pretty surprised that he had to come flush your toilet."

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