Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Last Week

     Last week was just great, full of magic kittens, lollipop adventures, and beeyoootiful queens with awesome powers.
     Except not.
      B felt just horrible on this med. She basically just tried to sit on me all week, really, I am not kidding. She wouldn't leave me alone to do anything, and would follow me to room to room. And if I begged for some time to myself, she would have a huge temper tantrum. It was really sad. She didn't go school. She had headaches.
     So I phoned her neurologist and explained the horrible state of my child, the dwindling of my sanity, and the fact that she's still having seizures anyways. I'd rather have the seizures than this angry, morose girl.
     So we're taking her of these meds. He has one more he'd like to try, but regardless, the surgery will remain on the table.
     On top of that, I had a huge fight with my best friend which, quite frankly, in the cold light of morning, doesn't look that it will be resolved. And it's not something I think we can just not fix, and she doesn't seem to want to try. So, that's that.
     It was an emotional, exhausting week.
     And, oh goody, look, here comes another one.


  1. so sorry, so sad, - we're out here

  2. My neurologist has been pushing Keppra (didn't work for me) and Vimpat (haven't tried it yet). Have you tried either one of those?