Thursday, December 2, 2010

More Applying For Apparently Invisible and Imaginary Services

     Today B and I had a visit from the lady who assesses children for the At Home program. She was nice, but I'm rather burnt out right now and very tried of applying to programs that turn us down all the time, even though, as this woman noted, B has the most complex profile she has encountered. But as usual, B surpasses or has disabilities outside the range of the questionaire. The woman asked if B can use a spoon or put on a shirt. She can do both. She can go get neither, or will sit in front of her food and forget to eat, or get get an inappropriate shirt if she does actually manage to find them. If she were spoon fed, she fits the profile, but because the problems are that she can't be left alone to eat in case she has a seizure, she doesn't.
     Half way through I told the woman that if I seemed lacklustre to her, it wasn't because of her, it's because I don't even see the point of applying for stuff anymore. She gets turned down from VSB special programs. It's December and we still haven't heard if she'll get funding for out of school care, which I guess means I'm pretty lucky I don't need it yet. She got turned down from Big Sisters, Worry Dragons, and now that school program I had hopes for has turned her down as well.
     On top of that, she's had a horrible week of headaches and lethargy from her meds. She has practically sat on me the whole week, and if I go to another room, she follows me. She hasn't had a Complex Partial since that day she had three, but seems to be having absence seizures. I can't really tell because she's so foggy and angry right now. She needs to come off these meds, but I do not have any other med choices available.
     She did cheer up when I offered to replace her spleen with a waffle maker today. The At Home woman laughed, too.
     If she qualifies for at least the medical portion of the At Home program, she can get physiotherapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy, as well as other things, so cross you fingers, or your legs, or eyes, whatever your religion dictates, for us.

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