Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pediatrician Appt.

     On Monday we saw B's pediatrician. I think I have mentioned before that she has the best Pediatrician. Dr. P has been with her since birth, and he is a caring and conscientious man. Not that all her other doctors aren't great, they are, but Dr. P is just the doctor that always makes me feel better about what is going on.
     He agrees with Dr. F and me that these meds are not working for her, but he also worries that she needs to see a tertiary psychiatrist at Children's because she might be having depression symptoms. She's already diagnosed with depression, but I have not wanted to medicate her because she's already on so many meds.
     "You may not have a choice," he said. And he is right.  I have to stay open to all the choices. DR. P has never pushed me into any treatments. When I hesitated at getting vaccinations for her at birth, he was very calm and non confrontational, unlike some others who were irate. I did get her vaccinated, after I had processed all the facts.
     We also talked about the surgery. He said the wait won't likely be long to get assessed, because the surgeon who does it knows that once a neurologist has actually referred a patient to him, well, that neurologist has already emptied his bag of tricks.
     Dr. P said that if the seizures aren't localised, meaning a removal of that part of her brain, then they might separate the two sides, since we know she has a pathology (injury due to stroke) on the right side.
     I really want to get her a puppy right now. I really think it would pick her spirits up, give her a real need to get out of the house, and help her interact with others. Unfortunately, the pet rescues I have been in contact have been run by, uh, really eccentric and uncooperative people.

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