Sunday, May 15, 2011

B's New Old Friend

     I haven't written in awhile because I have just been so busy. I have been doing some work for a website for my brother's construction company, and it's been huge. Also, since it's the first web page for them, we're working out all the kinks.
     We also took in Sparky, my brother's 12 year old Lab. Sparky was a puppy when B and her cousin D were babies, but he always lived with my brother or mother for all those years. He had a companion dog, Bo, who was just recently put down, so he was lonely at home, and my brother was taking him to work, but Sparky had to sit in the truck most of the time, which was no fun. My brother realised that he needed to be with someone home more often.
     So he's here, and he is just the best dog for B. He is a real kid dog, and right from the first day followed her everywhere. Wherever she is, he is. If she gets in the bath, he lays in the bathroom. He gets into bed with her at night, and stays there till she gets up. I don't remember him being quite that way with my brother's boys, but he is one of those dogs that NEEDS a kid. He adores her. And she is so happy to have him. All around, it's been great. My boyfriend really likes him too, because he's so well behaved.
     He's great with the cat, and although a bit aggressive on leash with other dogs, he's fine off leash. He's protective, and there's been a couple of incidents about that. A couple of drunk guys in the park got too close to me and a friend in the park, pinning him between me and them. They didn't listen when he growled or I told them to back off and he nipped at one guy's sleeve. He was fine with them up till then. Although I don't want him to do that, it was their own damn fault. He didn't hurt the guy at all, and he certainly is capable of it, but he's not a violent dog.
    He's a good dog, and just what B needed. And I'm happy she has her new old friend.

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