Tuesday, May 31, 2011


     May has been VERY busy for me. I have been doing some web work stuff for my brother, finished a 2nd draft of a novel, and have been walking miles every day with the dog. I love it, B not so much though. :)
     My bed has been very crowded, and since B's having less seizures of late, I'm going to move her to her own bed. Andrew picked up a video baby monitor so that we can do that. I still want to be able to see her, but her and the dog can sleep  in her room.
     Part of the reason is that she frequently has trouble sleeping, but if she's in MY bed, she won't leave me alone so that I can sleep. She needs to learn to entertain herself if she can't sleep. I have very easily disrupted sleep. and develop insomnia at the drop of a hat. I am also very easy to wake up. Over the years, this has developed even more as I watched B for night time seizures. I feel better with the monitor though, and trust that I will wake up if she seizes.
     I feel good knowing that Sparky will stay with her all night. Yeah, yeah, he's a dog, but I swear he understands her.

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  1. I started having sleep issues when my neurologist added Keppra to my usual regimen of carbamazepine. While my seizures have been non-existent, I have trouble falling and staying asleep. Lunesta has worked wonders! I only take it when I really need to - maybe three or four times since he gave it to me - but it works wonders. Maybe that's an option for B?