Sunday, April 10, 2011


     B has been feeling pretty good lately, which I think has been because of the anti-depressants. She still has a low seizure incident rate, and why that is, I don't know, but I'm grateful for the break.
     Last Monday, her whole school had sponsored trip to the aquarium. I went with her and we had a great time. In the morning, the primary grades had a special learning class, and in the afternoon, the intermediary grades did. They were taken into a wet lab, were they could hold sea urchins, sea cucumbers, crabs, starfish, and touch anenomes. There were many tanks, and by pure coincidence, one of the volunteers turned out to be the mother  of a teacher at B's old school. She recognised B and gave B her own little tour of everything. I think B held everything in the place, and she was deliriously happy. That kind of thing is right up her alley.
     When we got back to the school, I hung out until the end of class. B had a temper tantrum and broke her FM headset. That's a device that lets her hear the teacher better. The teacher wears a transmitter. I was very unhappy about that, but it led to revelation about one of the things B can't stand about school. The teacher stands up and addresses the class, giving numerous instructions. and B has felt stressed out by this, because she thinks that she is supposed top follow all these instructions. She's not. So I had a talk with her and told her just to ignore that, and her workers will help her after the teacher has finished, and she will have her own instructions. This is the benefit of actually going to hang out with her at school, because there is no way she could have articulated that better to me than she had been, which was by saying they boss her around.
     Last night, Andrew took B to a party while I went to see a movie. B had a good time, which is a really nice change. Usually, she can't stand groups of people. But there was a three year old for her to play with, and so she had a friend.
     On Tuesday, we go see the program at Britannia. I hope it's right for her, because I am not swimming in options.

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