Wednesday, March 23, 2011

High School

     B and I walked down to see the High School she might go to next year. It's in the neighbourhood.

     It's HUGE.

    Well, maybe it only feels that way because her current school is so small. She'll be going from a student body of 70 to one of a few hundred. But her class will hopefully be small.
     I find myself thinking of what I am going to do when she wants to date. How will I deal with that? What kind of things will I look for in her interests to gauge how trustworthy they are? She likely won't be too reliable in that department.
     I've already spent years teaching her about sex, safer sex, owning her body, and trying to slyly inform her that 30 is a good year to start dating. :/ I am very much not a prude, and I expect her to want to date and to date, but what if she has seizures? What if she can't read body language enough to know when someone has turned threatening? What if she and her date argue, and she gets left somewhere by herself? What if her date drinks, but she doesn't know the signs.
     Yikes, I have SO much to think about.

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