Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Last Month

     Well, wasn't October fun! Let's see, we started with me sick and B having an allergic reaction to her meds. We quickly slid into me having a horrible throat infection and losing my voice for three weeks. Then, just as that seemed to be clearing up, we get lice, and now I have another infection! A horribly painful one. Third one in two months.
    On top of that, her school support dropped to unacceptable levels, and I have been trying to help save her school from closing, along with being the PAC chair.
     You know what I would like?A terrifically boring November. A total snoozefest. :)
     B has been very clingy lately. She is having so many seizures, because one of her meds is dropping faster than the new med is coming up. This is leaving her vulnerable to seizures.
     Because of the drop in support, the increase in seizures worries me. Safety is very important, and for her having support is mainly about safety. However, she needs the one-on-one because without it, social interactions become so difficult for her that she simply withdraws. That is not good for her.
     An Occupational Therapist saw her at school and agreed with my request for speech recognition on her new computer. Frankly, if writing by hand  is too complex for her, I doubt she will ever master touch typing. That requires spatial skills, memorisation, muscle memory and concentration.  All areas of difficulty for her.
 I think speech recognition will help her use the computer more effectively.
    The good news is that her new haircut, which I gave her in a fit of lice fuelled panic, is absolutely adorable. I'll post pictures soon.

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  1. yes, her hair is adorable - and what an awful month - we have the program "All the Write Type" I started Noah on it in grade 3 and he did learn - he has similar concerns but not as bad - I have a disk you could put on your computer & B can check out - they make it simple and fun - also it's really inexpensive if you decide to get it via the school system.
    Also, I have WordPerfect Family Pack 4, it's older, 2002, but it has Dragon Naturally Speaking Essentials. All the equipment is here & we have never used it. Do you want it? At least to try out?