Thursday, November 22, 2012


     Fall has been busy. Am I ever not busy? I don't even remember anymore.

     B has had some problems at school this year. She has two new classmates in particular that have proven difficult for her. One has FASD and the other has Autism. They have even poorer social skills than B, and so there has occurred a lot of conflict. I went to the school a month ago and had a good talk with her teacher and workers. We developed a good plan to help her cope, but still she told them the other day that she would hang herself when she got home. That necessitated a meeting with the school counsellor, who phoned me to talk about it.

     Unfortunately, B just says stuff like that, has for years. I have talked to her, she sees her counsellor and psyche regularly, and we don't think it's a real threat. Still, the school has to exercise caution, I understand.

     She felt excited at having her picture in the newspaper  on Wednesday. She really wants people to know and understand about her stroke. In the afternoon on Wednesday we had to take the skytrain, and she said to me, "I see lots of ads for donations and children who need help, but not for kids with strokes." She didn't say this with anger, she just observed this.

     She still has behaviour issues, especially with the conflict at school, but I just take it as it comes. Each time my Mandt training helps a little bit more.

     We're getting close on the bike fund, hooray, and I am so looking forward to when I can order it, and we can ride it around. It will be such a fun thing to do together. And that kid needs the exercise, especially with her recent marshmallow habit.

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