Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Puppy and IEP

Phew, the last few weeks have been hectic. We got a new puppy, just three months old, and he is a handful. Such a cutie, though, and he will end up being a very big dog. He's a Shepherd/Retriever mix, and we named him Crowbar. I'll post pictures later. B loves him.

Sparky tolerates him, but he lets the puppy sleep next to him, and he's pretty patient with him. The puppy adores Sparky.

In other news, we finally had an IEP at B's school. That is an Individualized Education Plan, and we should have two a year, but with the teacher's job action, we had to wait. B is doing well in class, even with her behaviour problems. Her teacher said that she is the only kid in class who gets their jokes.

Her counsellor, Behaviour Consultant, and Social Worker all went to the meeting. We will keep working on her social skills, peer interaction, and Life Skills development. She has had some hard times dealing with the kids in her class, because her social skills are very undeveloped.

We put her in a Life Skills class on Saturdays, run by CLBC, and for the summer I will enroll her in another Life Skills program, one that I hope she will continue in the fall.

Her neurologist is retiring. We have had him as her doctor for many years, and I quite like him. We don't have a new one yet.

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