Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Back To School

B was aggressive and violent with me last night. I spent the whole time thinking, "Please, do not step on my broken toe. Please," and she didn't, although there was lots of hair pulling, hitting, and kicking. I hid some Ativan in a piece of chocolate bar, and she eventually calmed down and went to sleep.

When she woke up, she went right back at it. She went after me, went after Andrew, and even hit Grandma when she came over. We tried to use the Mandt training that I've learned so far, but got stuck in old patterns of dealing with her, and then had to back off completely to regroup and let her reach baseline again. The new training will take practice, and a more tailored plan that's specific to her needs. She missed her bus, and only  the promise of a new pig pencil case I got a few days ago got her finally dressed. I had to hobble off on my crutches in a cab to get her to school. We certainly can't afford that every day. If I could've walked, I would've gotten her to walk the whole way, to calm her down, but also to show her what a convenience the bus is.

She cannot handle me being sick or injured, and the almost three weeks off school, because of the teachers strike and spring break, will make the next week or two extra challenging. She has such a hard time transitioning.

She had a great Spring Break, though, with lots of fun stuff, and I've put her in a program run by Community Living on Saturdays. We'll see how that goes, and then I'll consider some after school programs.

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  1. A pig pencil case? Does she like pigs? If so, let me know. I'd love to send her something. :)