Monday, February 14, 2011

B's New Meds

     Well, B has been on her new anti-depressant for over a month now, and I think there's been an improvement. She's started actually doing things without me again. She will go and watch a movie, or play on her Wii, instead of just hanging on me all day. And she's started to make things again. The other day, we made a book shaped like a hand, to write down reasons we are thankful. It's very cute.
     Also, she's more chatty. Tonight she was very entertaining, telling me all about the "Other Mother" with no eyes, with whom she made pancakes (from Coraline). And she asked me to teach her to cook, so I had her help me with dinner.
     She's still not keen on going out much, and still isn't into going to school much. Also, she's  still sleeping a lot, and having trouble with decisions. So, we've increased her meds, and I'm going to keep her other meds the same, but hopefully she'll continue to improve.
     She's been having night time seizure activity, and some absence episodes, but no Complex Partials since Christmas day. None of that really means anything, she's had periods of lower seizure activity before, but it's a nice break.
     Man, would I love for her to get back to full time school, so that I can get a job. Andrew won't give me his job, even though I think that if I comb my hair just right, we're identical!


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