Monday, October 25, 2010

Losing My Voice

     I have had absolutely no voice for the better part of a week now, and barely a voice for the week previous. I have chronic laryngitis, something I have had many times in the past. My mother, brother, and I all have susceptible throats.
     It has been very hard to parent B through this. She does not pick up on non verbal cues, can't remember from one minute to the next that I can't talk, and has been very argumentative for the last couple of days due, no doubt, to the absence of my usual constant verbal assurances of love and support.
     Her memory has been worse than usual lately, from the medication change.  We watched some Invader Zim episodes the other day, and she LOVES Zim, and she kept asking me throughout the program what was going on. That's bad.
     The memory problems lead to frustration, which in turn lead to anger, guilt, and anxiety, which impacts her behaviour even worse. So it's been a weekend of me getting frustrated because I have to repeat things constantly, even though I can't talk, and her feeling anxious because I am shorter than usual out of necessity. Not a winning combination for home time.

     B is actually a lot like Gir. I love Gir.

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